Sunday, September 7, 2008

David's School of Radio - Lesson #1

This is a new kind of post. I hope to be able to bring some more of these your way in the future.

David has been in radio for a couple years now. As with any profession, there is a right way and wrong way to do things in radio and over time, 'rules' start to develop. As David is a master of his trade, I thought I might provide some examples of how David practices some of the 'rules of radio' with excerpts from his show. Listen and learn all you budding radio personalities!

Rule #1: Shameless self promotion - you've got to make sure the word gets out there!

David's interpretation of Rule #1 - I managed to get a shout out during this segment :-)

Rule #2: Have respect for the artists - never talk over a track!

David's interpretation of Rule #2

As is sometimes the case, rules are made to be broken! Hope you enjoy these excerpts as much as I do ;-)

Note: These excerpts are both from David's July 3, 2003 show - that's less than a month after he started at The Rock.


Miss Parker said...

This is so cool! Thank you for bringing David's own brand of humor to light. I'm looking forward to hearing/collecting lots more!

Marsden Planet said...

Hey, thanks for the note. I plan to add some more of these, the only question is having the time to find them and getting them in a format that I can post :-) I will do my best to get some more up, just don't expect 'lots' anytime soon. ;-)