Monday, December 8, 2008

December 8, 2005

Well, this was a special show. It took place on the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death (this year is the 28th anniversary). The entire day on the Rock was a John Lennon tribute day. Before David's show even began there was a music montage around 6:30 in tribute to John. After that tribute played, David, Rockin' Rod and at least one other person came on and talked about their memories, one of which was David being at the John & Yoko 'sleep in' protest for peace in Montreal. During his show, David did a moving tribute to John.

Finally got around to getting this playlist finished!!

?? Cover - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Band - Such A Night
Blue Peter - Chinese Grafitti
Boys Don't Cry - I Wanna Be A Cowboy
Chicago - South California Purples
Crash Test Dummies - Superman's Song
Crimea - The Great Unknown
Danny Marks - Any Other Way
David Bowie - Station To Station
Depeche Mode - Precious
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen
Doors - The Crystal Ship
Econoline Crush - All That You Are
Eels - Novacaine For The Soul
Everclear - Brown Eyed Girl
FM - Phasers On Stun
Front Line Assembly - Civilization
Garbage - The World Is Not Enough
Golden Earring - Vanilla Queen
Harlem Choir - Imagine
Harrison Ford - Spoken Word from Blade Runner
Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out
John Bottomley - You Lose & You Gain
John Lennon - #9 Dream
John Lennon - Just Like Starting Over
John Lennon - Grow Old With Me
John Lennon - Mother
Jonathan Richman - There's Something About Mary
Klaatu - Dr. Marvello
Leon Russell - Tightrope
Long John Baldry - Let's Burn Down The Cornfield
Lyle Lovett - I've Been To Memphis
Mike Oldfield - Five Miles Out
Paul Weller - Instant Karma
Pink Floyd - San Tropez
Pink Floyd - Us & Them
Primal Scream - Come Together
Procol Harum - Homburg
Professor Longhair - Longhair's Blues Rhumba
Pursuit Of Happiness - I'm An Adult Now
Rough Trade - Fashion Victim
Russian Futurists - Paul Simon
Slave to the SQUAREwave - Sinners of St. Avenue
Spirit Of The West - Be A Guy
Steppenwolf - The Pusher
Stranglers - Walk On By
Them - Here Comes The Night
Tom Robinson - War Baby
Wide Mouth Mason - Change

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