Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 20, 2009

Many thanks to David for working hard to bring us another outstanding show. The highlights are too numerous to mention, but you can see the fabulous selections in the list below. I'm afraid I may not have done the show justice as I have a couple of holes in the list: an instrumental after the Smiths and possibly one more missed. As always, advance thanks for any help you can provide.

~Miss Parker~
[Edit: Thanks to soccerfan and ralph for id'ing the Carole Pope song]

Instrumental ??
69 Eyes - Betty Blue
Alice In Videoland - Going Down
Autograph - Dance All Night
Box - Crying Out Loud For Love
Boys Brigade - The Passion Of Love
Carole Pope - Dream6
China Crisis - Working With Fire And Steel
Cliks - Dirty King
Comsat Angels - You Move Me
Dee Long - Good Night Universe
Diodes - Teenage Nation
Eberhard Schoener - Why Don’t You Answer?
Echo & The Bunnymen - Killing Moon
Flash And The Pan - Hey St. Peter
Heaven 17 - Let Me Go
HIM - Right Here In My Arms
Horrors - Sea Within A Sea
Hunter Valentine - She Only Loves Me When She’s Wasted
Japan - All Tomorrow’s Parties
Kinks - Lost & Found
KLF - What Time Is Love
Mitch Ryder - Devil With A Blue Dress On & Good Golly Miss Molly
Moist - Silver
Muse - Uprising
My Morning Jacket - Touch Me I’m Going To Scream
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
Nobby Clegg - My Old Man
Oingo Boingo - Skin
Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up
Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three Different Ones)
Pop Will Eat Itself - Bullet Proof
Populars - Smart Bomb
Rammstein - Du Hast
Simple Minds - Don’t You Forget About Me
Sisters Of Mercy - Temple Of Love
Slave To The SQUAREwave - White Knuckle Trip
Smiths - Panic
Snowy White - Bird Of Paradise
Specials - Ghost Town
Spoons - Symmetry
Start - Hey You
Strange Advance - We Run
Taj Mahal - Take A Giant Step
The The - Armageddon Days Are Here
Tones On Tail - Go!
Toni Childs - Dead Are Dancing
Tubes - White Punks On Dope
Type O Negative - My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend
Within Temptation - Memories
Wombats - Let’s Dance To Joy Division
XTC - Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead


soccerfan said...

Probably Dream6 by Carole Pope.

Marsden Planet said...

I heard Carole's song so can confirm soccerfan's comment above. Thanks so much for all your help miss parker!

Anonymous said...

Sure sounded like her - thank you both!