Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 5, 2010

David was spot on with the tunes he spun for us tonight. The show started at warp speed and never let up until it was time to say, "Goodnight." The energy he provides is sure to listen in on Thursday and Friday nights to recharge the batteries of your soul. If this isn't free-form braodcasting at its best, then it just doesn't exist.
~ MissParker ~

69 Eyes - Beneath The Blue
Band (feat. Dr. John) - Such A night
Blue Peter - Take Me To War
Box - Crying Out Loud For Love
Bravery - The Spectator
Champion Heartache - Dirty Mind
China Crisis - African & White
Clash - Charlie Don’t Surf
Counting Crows - If I Could Give All My Love
Dee Long - Mad Magazine
Dee Long - Goodnight Universe
Devo - Satisfaction
Diodes - Catwalker
Echo & The Bunnymen - Silver
Eight Seconds - Kiss You When It’s Dangerous
Elbow - An Audience With The Pope
Elsiane - Across The Stream
Elton John - Song For Guy
Elvis Costello - Alison
Evermore - It’s Too Late
Fats Domino - When The Saints Go Marching In
Generation X - Kiss Me Deadly
Genesis - The Carpet Crawlers (1999)
Gordon Deppe - Between Two Floors
Hidden Cameras - Do I Belong?
Hooverphonic - No More Sweet Music
Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
Jags - Last Picture show
Japan - I Second that Emotion
Johnny Clegg & Juluka - Scatterlings Of Africa
Lightning Seeds - Pure
Love - My Little Red Book
M.A.R.R.S. - Pump Up The Volume
Mission - Like A Hurricane
Moby feat. Patti LaBelle - One Of These Mornings
Moms Mabley - Abraham, Martin, & John
Nash The Slash - Land Of The Fire
Oingo Boingo - Weird Science
Parachute club - Rise Up
Patti Smith - Helpless
Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up
Peter Schilling - Major Tom
Pink Floyd - One Slip
Populars - Smart Bomb
Powder Blues Band - Hear That Guitar Ring
Pukka Orchestra - Listen To The Radio
Pulp - Common People
Raised By Swans - Longer Shadows Shorter Days
Ramones - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Rita Marley - One Draw
Roger Waters - The Tide is Turning
Slave to the SQUAREwave - Dirty Disco
Sly & The Family Stone - I Wanna Take You Higher
Specials - A Message to Rudy
Style Council - You’re The best Thing
Teenage Head - Wild One
Tim Curry - I Do The Rock
Tom Robinson - 2 4 6 8 Motorway
Tonio K - Funky Western Civilization
Tuff Darts - Your Love Is Like A Nuclear Waste
Violent Femmes - Nightmares
Vis-A-Vis - Shadowplay


Marsden Planet said...

I think the Raised By Swans track is: longer shadows, shorter days

Here are the lyrics from the Raised By Swans website:

left behind when summer’s over
in quiet lineups by the lake
cheating hearts descend like clouds of falling leaves
to lie and rot and wait for rain
summer heat will you drain your blood from me
into lawns and limpid pools where your kiss was young and cruel
cut by cut and play by play it will always be this way
summer love
if i could only hold your heart
and never beat again
someone’s breath against your shoulder
someone’s voice to say your name
just as long as someone’s there to break your fall
longer shadows shorter days
if i could only hold your heart
i’d never beat again

Anonymous said...

Someone, I don't remember who, id'd it as Summer of Love in the chat room. I have made the update! xo