Monday, March 10, 2008

First Post

Well, for my first post I thought I'd pass along how I came to start this blog. My first exposure to David Marsden came in the early 80's when I discovered CFNY and the abundance of great music that could be found there and seemingly nowhere else. In the beginning, a reasonably small group of listeners developed a strong bond to the station, listening whenever they could and in return got exposed to music that couldn't be heard anywhere else and a real voice in what was being played. From there it mushroomed into one of the top stations in the Toronto market as more and more fans came along. I'll leave the rest of that story to, which is where I first heard the news that David Marsden was going to be back on the Toronto airwaves, I believe that station was re-christened '94.9 The Rock' and its first day on air was June 12, 2003, which included David's first show since it was a Thursday. I started listening very near the beginning and in no time I was hooked!

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