Saturday, June 28, 2008

Featured Artists

Here's a few tracks from this week's shows - all are Canadian content in keeping with the Canada Day weekend theme!

First a band that included Kurt Swinghammer - who can now be found at this blog

Vital Sines - Big Dark Dreams

Vital Sines - Fear Of The Cold

David also played BB Gabor, who is featured in this post by Miss Parker on her great blog.

BB Gabor - BB Gabor

BB Gabor - Girls of the Future

The last mp3 file for today is Cottage Industry's Things Go Up, which I just managed to ID fairly recently

Cottage Industry - Things Go Up

Lastly, here's a couple videos along the theme of the "O Canada" song that David played near the end of Friday's show!


Anonymous said...

I noticed you featured a track from "A Canadian Alternative" and was just wondering if you could post Gerry Cott's track Alphabet Town. It's virtually impossible to find. Thanks, Steve.

Marsden Planet said...

I don't have the full 'A Canadian Alternative' CD - I just found the Cottage Industry track on-line, but I do have the Gerry Cott track from a homemade CDR that I picked up quite a few years ago - pretty sure it's a vinyl or radio recording rip...