Friday, July 4, 2008

Featured Artists

Here are a few tracks from tonight's show:

First up is a great track by Willy Deville (who used to be in the band Mink Deville) with an amazing cover of the Ry Cooder track 'Across The Borderline'

Willy DeVille - A Horse Of A Different Colour

Willy DeVille - Across The Borderline

Next is a track by a band I've featured before - the Fabulous Poodles, this time with their track Mirror Star.

The Fabulous Poodles - Mirror Stars

Fabulous Poodles - Mirror Stars

Lastly is a great obscure track from the Spirit of Radio days: Rockaderos - I Wanna Dance Like Fred - obscure enough, that it took a while to track down some cover art!

Rockaderos - I Wanna Dance Like Fred

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