Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Top Tracks

Here's a list of the top 50 tracks, again based on play counts in what I've logged so far:

1. Dee Long - (Make Love In) Zero Gravity
2. Dee Long - Good Night Universe
3. Danny Marks - Big Town Boy
4. Madness - One Step Beyond
5. SLAVE to the SQUAREwave - Sinners Of St. Avenue
6. Chalk Circle - April Fool
7. David Usher - Black Black Heart
8. Autograph - Turn Up The Radio
9. Busted - Psycho Girl
10. Hunter Valentine - Staten Island Dream Tour
11. Love Spit Love - How Soon Is Now?
12. National Velvet - Sex Gorilla
13. The Clash - Rock The Casbah
14. Age Of Electric - Remote Control
15. Blue Peter - Radio Silence
16. Breeding Ground - Reunion
17. Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen
18. Groundhogs - Split (Part II)
19. Ian Dury - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
20. Klaatu - Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft
21. Pukka Orchestra - Might As Well Be On Mars
22. Roger Waters - Who Needs Information
23. The Kinks - Rock'N'Roll Fantasy
24. The Tubes - What Do You Want From Life?
25. The New Pornographers - Myriad Harbour
26. The Populars - Smartbomb
27. Adrian Belew - Big Electric Cat
28. Blue Peter - Video Verite
29. Daniel Lanois - The Maker
30. Demics - New York City
31. Frank Zappa - Dancin' Fool
32. Frank Zappa - Joe's Garage
33. Horslips - The Man Who Built America
34. Iggy Pop - Pumpin' For Jill
35. Images In Vogue - Rescue Me
36. Jona Lewie - (You'll Always Find Me) In The Kitchen At Parties
37. Love & Rockets - Haunted (When The Minutes Drag)
38. Moist - Breathe
39. Priddle Concern - Dive
40. T.Rex - Children Of The Revolution
41. Tom Robinson Band - 2-4-6-8 Motorway
42. The Pursuit Of Happiness - I'm An Adult Now
43. The Extras - Circular Impression
44. Automan - Livin' Bitter Better
45. Bauhaus - She's In Parties
46. BB Gabor - Laser Love
47. Big Country - In A Big Country
48. Chalk Circle - 20th Century Boy
49. Dee Long - Wicked
50. Golden Dogs - Saints At The Gates

One thing that blew me away about this list is that the top artist from the prior list doesn't have a single track that shows up in this list. That should give you an idea of how broadly David digs out of the Floyd catologue for amazing tracks to play (and how amazing so much of the Floyd back catologue is as well!)


Miss Parker said...

This is a perfect illustration of some of the reasons people keep coming back to David's show week after week. The music is varied and of excellent quality. His personality is warm and wickedly funny. It's a great experience all the way around.

Thank you for the stats. It has really opened up my eyes! And, it's almost Thursday night...woo hoo! :-)

Marsden Planet said...

That's one thing that I love about his show - no matter how long you've been listening, he can always keep you on your toes - either with new finds or digging out yet another under-appreciated gem from the past.

Doing this blog would get tired pretty fast if that wasn't the case :-)

Jason said...

very cool

and i agree.. always a joy to listen to