Saturday, May 3, 2008

Featured Artists

Here's a couple from the Friday show this week.

First is a great cover of the Electric Prunes' signature hit I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) by an 80's band called the Thought. I was fortunate enough to get this from a post on a great 80's website and posting board - my thanks and compliments to the original poster!

New Wave Outpost

The Thought - I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night

The Thought - I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night

Next is another great Boys Brigade track - Into The Flow

Boys Brigade - Boys Brigade

Boys Brigade - Into The Flow

There were some other tracks from tonight that I thought I would be able to post, for instance, "Like Dust, I Was Blown Away Like Dust" that The Passion Puppets' album Beyond The Pale is available on iTunes.

Passion Puppets - Like Dust / House of Love

Similarly, I was telling "The Story of The Blues" because I was hoping to post that great track by The Mighty Wah!, but that and a bunch of their other songs are also available on iTunes, even the 9 minute extended 12" version!

Wah! - The Story of the Blues

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