Friday, May 16, 2008

Featured Artists

Well, I'll start off with David's little opening tribute to the Victoria Day Weekend (did anyone catch what the little snippet he played before going into Holiday Road was?):

Various Artists - Soundtracks - Film Soundtracks 1980-84 - National Lampoon's Vacation

Lindsey Buckingham - Holiday Road

The Kinks - Victoria / Mr. Churchill Says

The Kinks - Victoria

Here's a few from Thursday's show - first a track from the great Canadian band Klaatu with Little Neutrino from their debut album 3:47 E.S.T. Does anyone not know about the whole Beatles rumour story and that their name came from the 50's sci-fi movie 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'? Leave me a comment if you're interested in some more on that story (or do your own web search!)

Klaatu - Klaatu

Klaatu - Little Neutrino

Next up is an extended version of Belouis Some's track 'Some People' - I'm not sure what version David played.

Belouis Some - Some People / Aware Of You

Belouis Some - Some People

Next is another Canadian track, this time from The Extras - Jealous Girl, which is from their Bit Parts album, which was re-released on CD as part of the Ripe CD which is available at the 'Buy CD' link at the following website. You can also find another CD there that Leon Stevenson was involved with and David has played some tracks from.

The Extras - Ripe

The Extras - Jealous Girl

I found Robin Trower's Bridge of Sighs album posted at this blog. The Blues Town blog is well worth some additional searching as there is a bunch of great blues that gets posted there. Actually, I also found an Elliot Murphy album that contains the great track 'Everything I Do (Leads Me Back To You)' track which also features vocals by Bruce Springsteen. David spins that track semi-regularly as well - I've been looking for that track for quite a while and it was just posted there yesterday!

Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs

Elliott Murphy - Selling the Gold

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