Thursday, May 1, 2008

Featured Artists

Here's an instant post from tonight's show - now playing is City Boy's 5,000 Years which is on their debut self titled album. That can be found for download at the following link:

City Boy - City Boy

City Boy Link

David plays a bunch of great tracks from this band (Young Men Gone West, The Greatest Story Ever Told and a number of others). They seem to have been lost in the late 70's punk explosion as they didn't fit in very well with with the direction music was heading in at the time. This is one of the many bands that David plays regularly that I've thought - how did I miss them?

Ok, here's another one from tonight. David just played Johnny Clegg & Juluka (or Johnny Clegg & Savuka depending on the release it seems) - Scaterlings of Africa - this one is available on iTunes, but it's also available as a free full track mp3 download at - cool!

Johnny Clegg & Savuka - Scatterlings of Africa

Johnny Clegg at

And he just keeps them coming -

David played some Garfield (not the cat) - that's a rather annoying fact you have to live with in any web search for this obscure Canadian artist. Here's a link to a YouTube video someone made of the great track 'Private Affair'. I hope to have more to post about Garfield in the future

And I have to edit this post one more time. Now David played the track I Still Remember by Blackmore's Night. Again, this is another band that he regularly plays a number of great tracks from. I recently found a few of their albums available for download at the following blog:

Blackmore's Night - Fires at Midnight

Blackmore's Night Link

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