Sunday, April 27, 2008

Featured Artists

Here are a couple tracks from the last couple playlists.

First is a great Can Con track: Girls Of The Future by BB Gabor:

BB Gabor - Girls of the Future

BB Gabor - Girls of the Future

Next is Mister Memory by The Comsat Angels, from their Land album.

The Comsat Angels - Land

The Comsat Angels - Mister Memory

For some more from the Comsats, I suggest going over to the following blog, that so kinldy posted their Chasing Shadows album!

Rave and Roll


Miss Parker said...

I noticed traffic coming over from here - thanks so much for the link. By the way, I have two profound words..."moving sucks." I'll be glad when things settle down enough to get back to the music business.

All the best and thanks again. :-)

Marsden Planet said...

Thanks for the note, here's hoping you're settled in your new place soon.

Glad to add the link, thanks for the share!