Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 23, 2004

Blue Peter - Don't Walk Past (remix)
Chalk Circle - April Fool
Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Zoot Suit Riot
Copyright - Radio
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin - It's My Party
David Bowie - Space Oddity
David Bowie & Massive Attack - Nature Boy
Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
Elliot Murphy - Everything I Do (Leads Me Back To You)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery
Frank Zappa - I'm The Slime
Hedwig & The Angry Inch - Sugar Daddy
Hunters & Collectors - Talking To A Stranger
Iggy Pop - Pumpin' For Jill
Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Japan - Adolescent Sex
Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing
Killing Joke - Requiem
Love Spit Love - How Soon Is Now?
Magazine - Permafrost/The Light Pour Out Of Me
Matchbox Twenty - If You're Gone
Matthew Good Band - Hello Time Bomb
Matthew Sweet - Dark Secret
Meryn Cadell - The Sweater
Midnight Oil - Blue Sky Mining
Ministry - Everyday Is Halloween
Moev - In & Out
Moist - Breathe
Nickelback - How You Remind Me
Our Lady Peace - Starseed
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
Pukka Orchestra - Cherry Beach Express
Pure - Blast
Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls
Roger Waters - Who Needs Information
Secret Service - Flash In The Night
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Christine
Spacehog - Lucy's Shoe
Spoken Word - Police State
Spoken Word - Sun Going Down/Fell On His Head
Spoken Word - Turn In Your Shoes For Industry
Strange Advance - Worlds Away
Supertramp - Crime Of The Century
T.Rex - Children Of The Revolution
Talk Talk - Such A Shame
Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
Tangerine Dream - Pilots of Purple Twilight
Teenage Head - Let's Shake
Ten Years After - I'd Love To Change The World
The Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays
The Church - Under The Milky Way
The Clash - Train In Vain
The Clash - Rock The Casbah
The Cure - Caterpillar
The Grapes Of Wrath - Consequences
The Korgis - Young 'N' Russian
The Northern Pikes - The Things I Do For Money
The Sex Pistols - Friggin' In The Riggin'
The Soft Boys - I Got The Hots
The Spoons - Nova Heart
The Tubes - Boy Crazy
The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
Tom Robinson Band - 2-4-6-8 Motorway
Tommy James - Crimson & Clover (ext)
Tower Of Power - Down To The Nightclub
XTC - Dear God

Note: tracks are presented in alphabetical order rather than the order they were played. Anything I couldn't ID isn't included.

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