Saturday, April 12, 2008

Featured Artists

Well, here's a real mixed bag of stuff from the last few playlists I've posted, but then again a mixed bag is fairly representative of David's show, isn't it? :-)

First up, a couple of Can Con items - you know I'm not actually trying to feature mainly Canadian artists, but they just seem to keep coming up. I guess they tend to be some of the more obscure items that get played.

Boys Brigade - Boys Brigade

Boys Brigade - The Passion of Love

National Velvet - National Velvet

National Velvet - Flesh Under Skin

This next group is essentially a UK based 'boy-band', but before you blindly skip to the next item, this one has some great lyrics that make it well worth checking out! The album this came from seems to be available on iTunes, but for some weird reason a couple tracks are missing, one of them being this one!

Busted - Busted

Busted - Psycho Girl

Finally, here's a track from Phil Lynott, lead singer of the 70's Irish band Thin Lizzy. He released a solo album in 1980 called Solo In Soho, and featured here is the title track.

Phil Lynott - Solo in Soho

Phil Lynott - Solo in Soho

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