Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Featured Artists

Here are a few from the April 22, 2004 playlist:

First, I'll start off with the inevitable Can Con item, another track from The Box - L'Affaire Dumoutier (Say to Me)

The Box - All the Time, All the Time, All the Time

The Box - L'Affaire Dumoutier

Next up is a guy I don't know too much about, but he does a good version of this instrumental: Ronnie Montrose - Town Without Pity

Ronnie Montrose - Open Fire

Ronnie Montrose - Town Without Pity

Last for today is Icehouse with Great Southern Land. I was a bit surprised that an iTunes 'power search' for 'Icehouse' results in zero hits. I tried just 'ice' to be sure and that skips from Ice Cube right to Vanilla Ice....

Icehouse - Great Southern Land / Uniform

Icehouse - Great Southern Land

I was actually planning on sharing a few more tracks from this playlist, but sometimes it amazes me as to what IS available on iTunes - tracks from bands like City Boy, Horslips and King Missile were all there. I've been able to pick up a few hard to find tracks from iTunes myself in the recent past, such as Play It Again and Mr. Radio both by Roderick Falconer as well as Ian Hunter's - Just Another Night, all in iTunes plus format (I've personally boycotted their 128kbps DRM files).

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