Sunday, April 13, 2008

Featured Artists

Wow, found lots of tracks to feature in the April 13, 2006 playlist I just posted. I'll do them in alphabetical order (by artist) this time.

First up is Godley & Creme. I recently dug out a 12" single I have of this track that has different cover art than what shows up below.

Godley & Creme - Snack Attack  / Strange Apparatus

Godley & Creme - Snack Attack

Next are the Headboys:

The Headboys - The Headboys

The Headboys - Kickin' The Kans

Now for some Can Con - The Payola$ (featuring Carole Pope):

Payola$ - Hammer on a Drum

Payola$ - Never Said I Loved You

And Phil Manzanera (this track was as part of 801):

801 - Listen Now

Phil Manzanera - Listen Now

Back to Can Con with the last 2, starting with the Powder Blues Band:

Powder Blues - Uncut

Powder Blues - Hear That Guitar Ring

Last is Skinny Puppy & Type O Negative - I couldn't find cover art for this one, I'm not even too sure how this song was released or any other details on it. Anyone with more details, please leave a comment!

Skinny Puppy & Type O Negative - Techno Industry


Anonymous said...

Howdy! It's the Lewis Furey fan back again... this time to thank you for the Godley/Creme and the Phil Manzanera. Your copies of these two songs seem to be in better condition than mine and it's really nice to hear them again with such clarity. Both tracks made it onto several mixtapes I made way back when and everyone who heard them loved them. A shame these songs weren't heard by more people, but I guess they were a bit peculiar compared to what was popular back then!

Keep surprising me.... and thanks!

Miss Parker said...

Love the Headboys...and Payola$. Thank you for a super collection.

Marsden Planet said...

Thanks for the feedback. I plan to keep them coming :-)

Jason said...


Welcome to the blog world! I can't seem to get into the chat room tonight but what a nice surprise this is... great stuff!

I will link you to my own blog, for certain!

Jason said...

Sorry David, I had a look around and realized this is not a new weblog at all! Well.. I have to look around.. and add you to my own blog roll.. but you might put my musical knowledge to shame! LOL!

Marsden Planet said...

Thanks for the comments - just to be clear this isn't David's site but a fan's site.