Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Featured Artists

Here are some hard to find tracks from the last few playlists I've posted. The first two are Can Con.

The Box - All the Time, All the Time, All the Time

The Box - My Dreams Of You

Breeding Ground - Tales Of Adventure

Breeding Ground - Reunion

Way of the West - Don't Say That's Just For White Boys

Way of the West - Don't Say That's Just For White Boys

Added April 11/08: Here's a bit of an update on Way Of The West. The main guy in the band has a blog which is located at:

Mercury66 - Pete Kearney's Blog

From there I found out that they released 5 singles from the period 81-84, with Don't Say being the first. In Pete's blog he gives links to a couple of other blogs that had posts on Way of the West, I found a working link to a file containing all 5 singles here:

Complete Singles


Miss Parker said...

Thank you for three excellent tunes and for the link on your blog. You've done a great job here.


Marsden Planet said...

Thanks for the feedback. You have some great tunes on your blog too!